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Program Overview:

“Excerpts from the 2017 World Quality Conference”

Presented by James Treadway & Kathleen Scott – ASQ Section 209

Every year you see the email from ASQ telling you to come to the World Conference on Quality and Improvement and you wonder, “Is it worth it?” This presentation may help you make that decision.

The presenters will summarize four presentations from the 2017 conference to give you an idea of what you might encounter if you decide to attend. The presentations summarized cover a wide array of topics: risk management, customer satisfaction, time management, and organizational influence. In addition to summarizing conference presentations, the presenters will also provide information on how the conference works, how to plan your trip so you don’t miss anything, how to pick the presentations you want to see, all of the ins and outs you need to go to make your conference experience a positive one.

The “2018 World Conference on Quality and Improvement” will be held in Seattle, WA.

Presenters’ Biographies:  

James Treadway is the Vice-Chair of ASQ’s Northeastern Pennsylvania Section 209 and a Certified Quality Engineer and Black Belt. James has been working in quality for 15 years and currently works as a Quality Manager for InterMetro Industries where they manufacture heated cabinets for the food service industry.

Kathleen Scott is the Treasurer of ASQ’s Northeastern Pennsylvania Section 209, an ASQ Certified Quality Improvement Associate and ASQ Certified Quality Auditor. Kathleen has been working in quality for 8 years and currently works as a Quality Improvement Associate for General Dynamics.

Additional Event Information:

Plenty of FREE parking in front of and across the street from the TechWorks!. Just a couple of blocks from BC Junction. Students may request a partial scholarship to cover the dinner cost.

Networking and introduction to the Tech Works will begin at 5:30 pm. Dinner will be at approximately 6:00 pm with the program at 7:00 pm.

Please RSVP on this website Registration link.  Cost is $20 which includes dinner.  If you prefer to NOT have dinner and attend only the networking and presentation portions of the program, there is a $5 cover charge for access to the TechWorks!.

Come early and experience the technology of the Southern Tier at the TechWorks! in Binghamton. Explore the vintage IBM 1401 computing system, fly a Link simulator, see the Link lunar landing command module, watch the Universal pick and place component insertion machine in action, play the Link nickelodeon piano… and much, much more.

Don’t miss this interesting program! 

We encourage you to attend every Professional Development Dinner Meeting, plant tour or ASQ Binghamton sponsored event. 

Common quality principles and practices apply to EVERY business and organization. Therefore, you can always learn something from one of our programs… even though the topic may be completely outside you normal discipline. Sharing information is important if the ASQ is truly going to achieve its goal of being “The Global Voice of Quality.”  Furthermore, we need YOUR thoughts and ideas related to the needs of both YOU and YOUR ORGANIZATION if we are to better meet those needs of a diverse community.

Please join us… and remember; you don’t have to be an ASQ member to attend any of our events. So bring a friend, your spouse, and/or work associate.  

Come; experience the camaraderie of like-minded, quality professionals!