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Program Overview:

“Quality Day Conference – Excellence Through Quality”

Daniel E. Sniezek – Chairperson – ASQ Fellow ~ IEEE Senior Member

“Excellence Through Quality”

There are so many definitions of quality from meeting specifications that came from Dr. Crosby to Continually Improving the processes that came from Dr. Deming.

We will explore the pursuit of excellence through quality. But, not by waiting for perfection! So many times companies wait around for the system to be perfect, and they achieve nothing.

The only thing I see that is perfect is my wife! (She has to be to put up with me!)

To pursue excellence in any system one must look at the processes… then… define the sub-systems or sub-processes. Care must be given to making sure that one does not optimize a subsystem at the sake of the overall system. For example, a car engine may be optimized for maximum torque, but the transmission fails. This was the initial issue with the high torque of electric motors.

“Systems Thinking” in public policy may seem like an impossible task, but it is not. So many activities of governments are simply processes. These processes have inputs, tasks and outputs. Yes, we must define the overall system to optimize. Then, as with a car engine and transmission, with public policy we must make sure that one policy will not negatively affect another policy that results in failure.

Measurement is important to know if the system improved or not. Variability in measurement should be understood. When an engineer measures a pencil once, the engineer knows how long it is. When the measurement is made a second time… the engineer no longer knows for certain. Additional measurements must be made to understand the level of variability.

Yes, measurement is important and understanding variation is key as well. One cannot validate a process unless one knows how to measure it. Actually, in the design and development process, one must consider validation before verification!

As part of validating the design, one must know the manufacturing process to be used. Yes, in software it is the capability of the developers. Designers must take into account the existing processes or be willing to improve them.

Excellence through quality is our goal!

Presenters and Presentation Title:

  • Kenneth Tottle – Davis-Monthan Air Force Base – “Measurement Uncertainty”
  • Gregory Keys – Conceptual Integrity Group. LLC – “Want Greater Reliability? Start With Validation!”
  • Christine Hannon – GE Aviation/Unison – Combining Fault Tree Analysis and FMEA to Improve Risk Mitigation”
  • Guru Medhavan – National Academy of Engineering – Advancing Concepts of Quality in Public Policy: A Systems Engineering Vision”

Event Location:
The conference will be held at the Spot Restaurant 1062 Upper Front Street – Binghamton, New York  13905


8:30am – Doors Open

8:45am – Registration and Networking

9:30am – Program Proceedings

4:30pm – Conference Ends


$35 – ASQ/IEEE and Sponsor Members

$40 – Non-ASQ/IEEE Members

Free – ASQ/IEEE Student Members

$10 – All Other Students

Conference fee includes continental breakfast, break refreshments and menu selected lunch

Free Parking

Please RSVP and pre-register on this website Registration link before March 20, 2020

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