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Program Overview:

“Technology From The Southern Tier”

We in the Southern Tier of New York have a great history of technology innovation. As we introduced advancements in technology, we also developed “quality” techniques and practices to continually improve on those technologies. Some of the history of our area started with the
innovation of the canals. This was an significant advancement for transportation and movement of goods through the New York area. Of course, technology, such as the railroads, eventually took over and further improved transportation.
The Southern Tier has a strong history and legacy in creating a mindset focused on the future. We are the home of the management technique we refer to as the “Fair Deal.” Our strong work ethic and desire to build on the Fair Deal created an environment leading to the development of computers, audio amplifiers, flight simulators and much more; including the humble wooden pallet that revolutionized material handling! Let us remember our past contributions and successes as we look at our influence on future technologies.
There is leadership growth in the Southern Tier in areas such as power generation, storage and distribution. We, many times, take electrical power for granted. With the resent hurricanes… specially in Puerto Rico… the importance and value of reliable electrical power comes to light. You will learn that we have developments related to battery power and other initiatives going on… especially at Binghamton University.
We have important intellectual work being done by our educational institutions, which provides one of our greatest “exports” from the Southern Tier… knowledge! From Binghamton University and SUNY Broome, we will learn about these initiatives and where they see the future of technology headed.
Yes, we have so much to be proud of in our area. Organizations such as the Center for Technology and Innovation the “TechWorks!” showcase the impact that our area has had on both local and world communities. This impact will be further highlighted during a panel discussion made up of company and educational experts.
I look forward to the future together.

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