Paul Robert Award

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In 1947, Paul A. Robert founded a local group to preserve and propagate knowledge learned by the military during World War II.  The group became a section or chapter of the nationally based American Society for Quality. In keeping with the mission of the society to share ideas and tools that makes our world better, the Binghamton section launched the Paul A. Robert Award in honor of its founder.  Since the award was initiated in 1965, it has been given to a local member of the community who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to supporting the Binghamton section as well as the local businesses and organizations in promoting product and service quality.

The award recipient receives a handsome wooden plaque with a personalized, inscribed brass plate and a monetary gift . In addition, the recipient’s place of employment is presented with a large plaque displaying the names of past award recipients.  This plaque is on loan during the year and passed on to the next award receiver.

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Paul A. Robert Award

Paul A. Robert Award