The Performance Awards & Recognition (PAR) committee announced that the Binghamton Section, 205 has received the Honorable Mention award recognition for 2017. This level was achieved by meeting the good standing requirements as well as meeting or exceeding the Increase in Growth metrics.

The award recognizes the hard work of the leadership team provided to the Section members this past year, as well as ASQ.

Special artwork was provided to be used by the Section to honor and promote the unit’s PAR success in 2017. In recognition of the team’s achievement, the PAR committee has extended an invitation to the section leadership team to attend the Member Leader Events prior to the 2018 World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Seattle, WA.  The Member Leader Events will be held on Saturday, April 28, 2018, from 8AM – 8PM and consist of the Ideas to Action Gathering (ITAG), Concurrent Training Sessions, and the Member Leader Dinner.

Congratulations were extended to everyone at the Binghamton Section, 205 for their achievements. The PAR committee stated it is proud of the section’s service to ASQ, and continue to look forward to what is ahead from our members.