A very successful Quality Day Conference was held on Saturday April 21, 2018 at Symposium Hall in the Engineering and Technologies building at the Innovative Technologies Complex at Binghamton University. The theme of the conference, attended by approximately 50 students, quality professionals and society members, was “Technology of New York’s Southern Tier.”  The conference was hosted by the Binghamton Section of the American Society for Quality in conjunction with the Binghamton Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

An informative opening presentation was made by Susan Sherwood, Director of the TechWorks! Center for Technology and Innovation in Binghamton, NY.  Ms. Sherwood described 150 years of innovation and technology advancements that came out of New York’s Southern Tier going back to early agriculture, the New York – Erie Railroad in 1847, and Corning, Inc. patent for production of the electric lamp in 1880.  The travel through time reviewed contribution by the Endicott Johnson Shoe company, the Raymond Corporation’s development of the wooden pallet that transformed material handling, IBM Corporation contribution to computing and Link Aviation’s development of the flight simulator. The area’s innovation can be measured by the fact that the per population per capita approval rate for U.S. Patents was almost three times above the national and New York state averages going back to 2009 when the study was last conducted.  The reasons for the high level of innovation were discussed; leading to today’s contributions by companies such as Lockheed Martin, Universal Instruments, BAE, Chobani and many smaller… but just as important and productive technology companies. Contributions by health care, education and state and Binghamton University incubator projects were reviewed.

Other presentations highlighted how technology can improve quality and reduce cost, and a presentation describing the robotics initiatives by Binghamton University won high marks by attendees. The conference concluded with a panel discussion, “Technology;- Past – Present- Future” that consisted of professional leaders and educators representing small to large organizations.

The conference was chaired by Dan Sniezek, an ASQ National Fellow and Binghamton ASQ Section Leadership Committee member.  Appreciation was expressed to attendees, sponsors, presenters and the conference staff who contributed to the success of this event.

A tentative date for next year’s 2019 Quality Day Conference was set for April 27th. Mark you 2019 calendars NOW to reserve that date!