The Binghamton Chapter of ASQ held a special, joint meeting with the Binghamton Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) on January 18th at the TechWorks! in Binghamton. Like the ASQ in its professional certification programs, PMI is the leading, world-wide organization that trains and certifies professionals to become proficient in program and project management. PMI promotes Project Management principles and techniques with local businesses, university professional associations, and individuals. They provide educational programs, both online and through chapter meetings, to disseminate project management knowledge. Learn more about the Binghamton section of the Project Management Institute on their website at

There was an excellent turnout for the event.  The ASQ and PMI section leaders gave a brief overview of their organizations, an update on recent events and insight into their respective organization’s upcoming dinner meetings.  The program for the evening was a presentation by Les Geer of IBM on the Agile software programming methodology.

The sharing of information was a highlight of this meeting and attendees enjoyed roaming through the TechWorks!. Hopefully, there will be future joint meeting of the ASQ and PMI.