The most prestigious ASQ North East Quality Council award to Mr. Daniel Sniezek by Jack Reardon, ASQ NEQC Chair, at the tenth annual ASQ Central New York Quality Conference.  The conference was held on Saturday November 4th at the Onondaga Community College in Syracuse, NY.

Dan has served over 25 years to business, quality and professional community in variety ways. He currently serves as Regional Director, Past Vice Chair of NEQC, and Past Section Affairs Council Chair for American Society of Quality and is the recipient of the coveted Paul A. Robert’s Award presented to him in 1996 for his outstanding effort, dedication, and contribution to the ASQ Binghamton Section. He currently holds the membership grade of Fellow in ASQ. He also serves as IEEE Reliability Chapter Chair and is a Senior Member.

Dan held section, region and ASQ Level positions including Binghamton section chair, NEQC Vice Chair, SAC chair and lead and participated in numerous International Quality Conferences. Dan is serving NEQC since over 15 years directly and indirectly for NEQC conferences and Council activities

Mr. Sniezek instructed students in general quality principles in many summer sessions at SUNY Broome.  Mr. Sniezek has also presented at SUNY Binghamton quality and you.

Mr. Sniezek has 25+ years of experience in the development and maintenance of highly complex and highly available systems. He is an internationally sought out technical adviser and speaker on subjects of software quality, computerized reliability, Systems Engineering, Systems Safety, quality systems and process improvements, Mr. Sniezek’s career centered on helping companies, governments and people improve through the use of visual thinking, quality management tools and cafe style techniques. He uses his skills as an engineer and artist to convey complex concepts. He began his education at Youngstown State University where he received his degree in Electrical Engineering.

Dan has written several articles, made speeches and contributed to quality technology in many aspects. He contributes to many world-wide computerized systems standards such as IEC- 150B, SP-BO.01, TR-B4.02, DO-17B8 and others.

Thanks to Dan for outstanding and dedicated service to ASQ Sections, Region 2, NEQC, ASQ and other professional communities.

Your friends at the Binghamton section are especially proud of your accomplishments and wish you and your talented and wonderful wife Peggy the best in future activities. Thanks, Dan… and to Peggy who is the “wind behind his sails!”