Our own section leaders, Dan and Peggy Sniezek, hosted 15 students from Mexico who will be attending the fall semester at SUNY Broome to a picnic on Saturday – September 2nd at Chenango Valley State Park.

Upon arrival at the lake and picnic area, the students headed off for a 1.5 hour, 2.5 mile walk around the lake.  Now, with hearty  appetites, the students dug into a picnic lunch of sandwiches, potato and macaroni salad, vegetable and fruit tray, cookies, brownies, and soft drinks. Oh… and don’t forget the red peppers!

Next on the agenda was boating on the lake. This was a new experience for the students who came from across Mexico. After some self-taught learning, the students learned all about “teamwork” by figuring out how to make their boats go in the desired direction. Eventually, all boats left the dock for a hour-long trip around the lake.

In spite of the cool and cloudy day, the resounding response was everyone had a good time and no one got lost.

We’re looking forward to having the student participate in many of the Binghamton section’s dinner meetings and events. What a wonderful group of young people representing our good neighbor from the South!