Local “American Society for Quality” Member Daniel Sniezek Recognized


The Binghamton, New York – Section 205 – of the American Society for Quality is pleased to announce that Daniel Sniezek was recently recognized for his impact on quality culture in Peru.  Dan is well known in quality circles throughout both the United States and many countries of the world.  Because of his efforts to promote quality practices worldwide, the American Society for Quality is truly, as its moto suggests, “The Global Voice of Quality.”


Dan, a former Lockheed Martin engineer resides in Owego, New York with his wife Peggy, is an American Society for Quality “Fellow” and was recently recognized as an Honorary Member during the International Quality Congress PUCP-ASQ in Lima, Peru. He was honored for his contributions to Global Quality and influencing Peru’s quality culture. Some of his contributions include:

  • Support for creation of Leadership Management Committee of Lima, Peru in 2011
  • Support and participated in three versions of the International Quality Conference PUCP-ASQ in 2011, 2013 and 2015
  • Endorsed the formation of student branches ASQ LMC Lima, Peru
  • Coordination of company visits of Programma Internacional de Enstudios y Negocios New York – 2017


Dan is active in the local Binghamton ASQ section, Past Director of the ASQ Northeast Region, and is a member of the National ASQ Board of Directors.


For many years, Dan worked tirelessly to promote the Students for Educational and Economic Development (SEED) program sponsored by Georgetown University.  These SEED students attended SUNY Broome, previously known as Broome Community College (BCC). During their stay at BCC, they obtained a two year technical degree that prepared them to return to their Central and South American countries where they could apply their new knowledge of quality principles to help their native countries improve their business environment.


As students returned home, they saw the importance of having a continued ASQ presence in their homeland countries.  Dan took their need forward and was instrumental in transforming the ASQ from a purely U.S. society into an international organization as the students were allowed to open their own local ASQ sections.


Dan has been a driving force in the Binghamton, New York ASQ section for many years and continues as chairman for the section’s annual Quality Day Conferences.  He continues to serve on the ASQ National Board of Directors and has been a Regional Director serving multiple terms over his intense career.  Known in many countries of the world for his knowledge of quality analysis techniques and process and product improvement tools; he has lectured, trained, and mentored many quality practitioners and companies in problem solving and product reliability concepts.  He is highly versed in statistical process control techniques.


In keeping with his efforts to encourage students and young people to pursue a quality-based career, Dan was recently instrumental in establishing an ASQ student section at SUNY Binghamton University. Prior to that, he worked with college administrators and laid the groundwork in creating a similar chapter at the SUNY Broome.


To view the conference video honoring Dan, enter the following link into your Internet browser: