In recognition of the quality improvement work being done by United Health Services at the Binghamton General hospital, the ASQ Section Leadership Team decided to go to the source rather than have the source travel to the section’s monthly dinner meeting. An what an excellent meeting held in the Russell Conference Room at Binghamton General!

Sri Poranki, PhD, is the Director of Performance Improvement (PI) for UHS. Fifteen of our current 90 section members are representatives from UHS. This alone is a demonstration of commitment to quality!

Three of the PI Teams presented their Six Sigma projects at the meeting, which was attended by 40 guests. The three presentation topics included: 1) Publicly Available Health Care Quality Data – What It Means and How To Interpret It; 2) Population Health – Changing The Focus From Sick Care To Health Care; and 3) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services Bundled Payment Program for Health Care Quality Improvement.  The presentations were very well prepared and very interesting. Even if you are not directly involved in health care, every quality practitioner… whether in manufacturing or processing industries… can learn from other industries. “Quality” applies to every industry and there are common principles and practices that apply to improving process quality and increasing customer satisfaction. If nothing else, this meeting provided valuable insight into what UHS is doing to improve quality and reduce costs. If you missed this meeting, you missed a very informative session!

Dr. Poranki presented awards to several of the PI Team members for their outstanding contribution.

And… to further enhance a great set of presentations, the attendees enjoyed an outstanding buffet’ meal prepared by the hospital food staff. As one attendee commented in the survey feedback comments, “If this is hospital food… check me in.!”

The Binghamton Section of the ASQ is very proud of the UHS Team and glad we could schedule this meeting “at the source.” We look forward to learning of future accomplishments by the team. Best wishes!