If you missed the Golden Artistic Paint Company tour, you missed a great experience. I suspect some of you out there look at our dinner meeting notices, see the program topic, and say to yourself, “I won’t go to the meeting because it is a topic or an industry different from that which I am in. So, why waste my time?”

Well, “quality” is everywhere… or at least it should be!  And, there are common principles, methods, and tools that can apply… regardless of the industry. Every company can learn from others. Sometimes we can perform a benchmark analysis of a very different company and learn some valuable lessons.  And, the Golden Artistic Paint Company in New Berlin, NY was a great opportunity to see “quality” in action.

After retiring, Sam Golden moved to New Berlin; but, soon got bored, and in June 1980 at the age of 67, starting experimenting and making paints for artists in an old barn. I encourage you to go on their website at www.goldenpaints.com to read and experience this interesting story. The modern facility now employing 200 people springs out of nowhere in a truly beautiful… but very rural… area on the outskirts of New Berlin.  Who would have ever guessed that such a highly-respected, world-recognized company exists in our own back yard?

This family owned business has grown due to its reputation with artists around the world for superior quality artistic paints and unsurpassed customer service. To believe it, one has to see it.

We were hosted on the tour by Sam’s great granddaughter, Emma, and her knowledgeable technical sidekick, Ulysses.  To describe the extent of process controls and quality verification would take pages to describe. But, they are so focused on consistency and providing customers exactly what they want… that even their advertising color charts and container labels are hand painted by talented, resident employee artisans… by hand using actual production paint swatches!

We had ten ASQ members and non-member guests show up for the tour. Whatever you do… don’t miss a single ASQ meeting.  If you do… you are sure to miss an interesting experience.

Our special thanks to Emma, Ulysses and all the employees who were present to provide this “cook’s tour.”  THANK YOU