Welcome to the NEW Binghamton section website. It has been a long time coming; but, just like fine wine, it takes time to develop a full body. And so it has been with our website. After a search of over eighteen website design groups, we selected Frogtown Web Design of Cumming, Georgia for our partner in designing our site.  And, a good selection it was!

A key factor in selecting Frogtown was the fact that the company had designed other ASQ section websites throughout the United States. We were able to see specific examples of completed work. We developed high confidence that Frogtown could deliver a website that not only met out needs but fit in with what other ASQ sections required.

Larry Whittington, Owner and Designer at Frogtown, carefully reviewed our requirements and presented a plan that was very attractive and committed to meeting our requirements. But, it did not end there.  As the design of the site proceeded and we began to become more familiar with the content, we requested various changes and improvements. Larry was exceptional in responding to our requests.

A couple of our key objectives were that it needed to be attractive and user-friendly while easy to update and maintain.

We hope you will take the time to explore our site and see for yourself the variety of information that will be available. please understand that all categories of topics are not fully populated with information. We will be adding additional information over the next several months. So, please be patient with us as we develop this powerful new website.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.