We are proud to have many ASQ members from the Norwich and Greene areas that make the journey south to Binghamton to attend our dinner meetings and conferences.  So, the Leadership Committee decided it would be appropriate for our “southern” members to travel north for a change and visit beautiful Norwich.

On Thursday October 20, 2016 in lieu of a dinner meeting, many of us traveled to Norwich for a plant tour of the Kerry plant to learn more about the important work to produce functional ingredients and actives.

And, it turned out to be a beautiful afternoon drive up Route 12 to Norwich.  The fall foliage was at its peak, and Mother Nature provided an additional benefit to the scenic drive.

The tour was arranged and coordinated by our own Theresa Matts, Kerry QA and Technical Manager, who also acted as our tour guide. This highly controlled processing plant takes raw materials such as soy, wheat and animal protein and “digests” them, purifies, dries, screens for size and packages the end product to meet strict FDA and customer requirements.  Extensive automation and process control systems ensure the highest quality standards are consistently met.

Theresa was assisted during the tour by Jenna Connor and her laboratory team of Betsy West, Rea French, Leander Tanner.  Twenty-three guests attended the plant tour. Many favorable comments were overheard related to the focus on cleanliness, safety and quality of the operations.

Since the commissioning of its first dairy and ingredients plant in Listowel, Ireland in 1972, Kerry has grown to become the industry’s leading provider of technology-based ingredients and solutions for all sectors of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. Their industry leading technologies are backed by the industry’s most robust in-house processing capabilities. With over one-hundred plants, 23,000 employees and operations in 140 countries of the world, Kerry applies its processing expertise to address manufacturing challenges and help customers design winning consumer products.

The company’s ingredients, flavors, additives, and active ingredient products are found in numerous, common household products, foods, beverage and pharmaceutical products.  The Norwich plant is responsible for producing “Functional Ingredients & Actives” for the global food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The Binghamton Section would like to thank Mr. Michael Rowbottom, Kerry Plant Manager, for supporting our visit.

Dressed in smocks, hair nets and hard hats, attendees were treated to an interesting tour of the Norwich, NY plant

Dressed in smocks, hair nets and hard hats, attendees were treated to an interesting tour of the Norwich, NY plant